Two-day workshop with the leading American therapist in the field of developmental movements ELLYNNE SKOVE.


6.-7. May 2024


DOMORAJ, Velké Karlovice

What you can expect

We will go through all the developmental movements, from conception to upright posture. We will go back to what we experienced in these stages, we will have a chance to recognize and process it better. To deepen our awareness of ourselves in movement. We will look for ways to use different kinds of movement in professional practice. We will move a lot and explore practically.

The workshop will be appreciated by all people working in nursing, occupational therapy, bodywork, dance and movement therapy, yoga, psychology, craniosacral therapy, birth psychology and paediatrics, as well as fitness trainers and other professionals working with movement.

Content/theme of the workshop:

This two day deep immersion will begin with conception and move through embodiment in the fetal period through birth and the developmental movements that bring us into our unique mammalian humanness of standing vertically on just two feet.  We will explore the push, pull, reach patterns of infants, the development of the natural curves of the sacred human spinal architecture, the finding of the feet and development of foot cartilage to bone, and the connection of the feet to the spine.  We will practice developmental movements of head/tail; lateral, contralateral, rolling and yielding to rest and gravity that help us find our unique skeletal architecture and the strength of our core.  Partnering, kinesthetic imagery, body tracings, and guided movement experiences will be our daily practice along with the use of art materials to map and anchor our experiences.  The dance of the center line will finalize our journey from fetal floating to using gravity and our skeletal system as a source of aligned joyful exploration in embodiment.

Workshop flow:

Begins Monday at 9am and ends Tuesday at 5pm.
There are lunch breaks and occasional short breaks throughout the day. Two days' lecturer fee and organisation fee included, accommodation and meals to be paid separately on site.


Ellynne Skove

ma, lcat, bc-dmt, ncc, e-ryt USA
Ellynne Skove is from Brooklyn, New York, USA. She is a dance/movement therapist, focusing on developmental movement and birth psychology. Ellynne studied Topf Technique/Dynamic Anatomy with Nancy Topf for over 15 years, Body/Mind Centering, Polarity Therapy, Somatic Experieincing, Reiki, yoga, and much more. She developed the GoGo Babies® Tummy Time and Developmental Movement program, teaches infant massage, and how to understand a newborn in the 4th well as doing birth trauma healing and bonding repair work. Ellynne founded Bright Start Babies ( and has been in practice for over 40 years working with 1000,s of babies, children, and adults. Ellynne is on the board of directors for the International Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health. She facilitates a monthly discussion group of birth psychology professionals on a variety of topics. Ellynne has been teaching in the Czech Republic since 2011.


In Domoraj - the venue of the workshop - it is possible to arrange accommodation and all-day meals, including drinking regime for 1680 CZK.